Living Your Best Life as a Philomath

Living your best life as a philomath is possible. Whether you’re shooting for an EdD or PhD, seeking growth opportunities, or looking to broaden your educational experience, options are out there for you. But first, it takes managing your goals and your financial situation.


The “Netflix Moment” of Universities

The “industry” that has remained practically unchanged for more than 1000 years is about to get a big shock. 10 years from now, we will be able to see which universities were able to find their niche in order to survive in an environment that is about to change radically. This article was originally published in Portuguese in Observador on June 16th 2020 at 12:31.

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8 Effective Tactics for Higher Education Marketers

Marketing in the higher education niche can feel like you're dealing with a whole different monster altogether. Whether you're a PPC - Pay per Click - expert or your first time creating ad campaigns for this industry, it's crucial to have a robust PPC campaign. On that note, you might want to consider applying these PPC campaign techniques:

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Social Media for Higher Education: Key Stats & Best in Class

Social media is becoming increasingly important when it comes to stakeholder engagement. According to research by Hootsuite, 98 per cent of higher education institutions use social media to share content. Social has the power to increase enrolments significantly, so much so that 41 per cent of university officials say they can attribute a rise in admissions to their university’s activity on social media. This shows how impactful social media platforms are as ‘brand awareness’ tools.

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What are the most important requirements in EU university admissions?

Europe hosts 45 per cent of international students globally and the number of candidates choosing to study internationally has been on the rise. EU Member States and HEIs are implementing strategies to ensure they attract the best talent, including promotional activities, English language programmes, and housing and financial support. 

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How Are Universities Leveraging Big Data and Analytics in the Admissions Process?

Big data influences so many aspects of our personal lives and is intrinsic to business decision making. From the ads we see on social media and the shows Netflix recommends to how our healthcare systems operate, big data reaches far and wide.

Empowering IT Staff During COVID-19

In March and April of 2020, most colleges across the country shut their doors, told students to return home, and halted in-person learning for the remainder of the semester. Since then, it’s been more than just an extended Spring break for students. Seniors missed out on important graduation ceremonies and celebrations. Students missed out on activities and the ins and outs of dorm life, and the sudden stop to in-person learning has had everyone wondering what might happen in the fall.

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Switching from PDF Applications to an Online Admissions System

A recent survey we conducted with postgraduate applicants found that around 68 per cent don’t seek advice or guidance with an institution's admissions team before starting an application. With this in mind, it’s vitally important that universities treat their application portal as a marketing tool and make the process as self-explanatory and streamlined as possible to maximise conversions. Yet a number of education providers still aren’t leveraging online admissions systems and rely on outdated PDF application forms and programmes such as Excel to manage the process. 

How technology is innovating and reshaping the admissions process

A CRM system is the technology that forms the foundations of university admissions. It enables higher education institutions to attract, engage and nurture relationships with prospective students and a number of other stakeholders—including enrolled students and alumni.

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