5 Myths About Higher Ed SaaS Debunked

Some college students spend 1-5 hours per day on their phone. In a world full of students who have grown up with technology and are digital natives, universities that aren't addressing those digital needs are falling behind. If you want to reach these students successfully, it’s better to meet them where they already are than to endlessly complain about digital addiction.

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The Benefits of Investing in Software for Higher Education

Student recruitment in higher education is an increasingly competitive venture, with high stakes for your school’s profits, profile, and ultimately for its survival. Harvard Business School professor Clay Christensen once predicted that half of all U.S. colleges would go bankrupt within the next 10-15 years. What’s driving these kinds of predictions?

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How to Build a Higher Ed Admissions Team of the Future

The focus of a modern higher ed admissions team—recruit and enroll students—hasn’t fundamentally changed much over the years. However, the strategies to recruit and enroll have evolved, and admissions’ role in generating revenue is taking center stage.


The Quickstart Guide to Modernizing Your Higher Ed SaaS Platform

Admissions departments at colleges and universities have been facing technology challenges for years, before the COVID-19 pandemic changed the higher education landscape. The stakes are even higher now, as fewer U.S. undergraduates are enrolling in school and the world is still dealing with the pandemic. In these uncertain times, schools can’t afford to lose out on students simply because they aren’t communicating well with applicants or are struggling with internal processes. Opportunity still exists—the same report found that grad school enrollment jumped 4.6 percent. Modernizing your admissions and enrollment platform to an all-in-one software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution can help you realize these opportunities. Here’s how.


6 Digital Marketing Strategies In Higher Education

At the top of the list of challenges facing higher education in 2019 is Brexit. Universities are uncertain of the status of their continued participation in exchange programs like ERASMUS and are research funding is also likely to be affect – universities received £500 million every year in EU research funding from 2007 to 2013. 


Increase Applicants by Upgrading Your Application Portal

Online shopping has become an easy, engaging mobile web experience. Why shouldn’t applying to a university be the same?

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The Ultimate University Student Recruitment Plan [Guide]

The university admissions landscape is in a state of flux, which means it’s more important than ever to have a robust university student recruitment plan.

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The Power of Data & CRM Systems for Education Marketing

If you’re in education marketing, you know the majority of prospective students are researching schools and applying for programmes online—whether they are looking for a global MBA or want to learn how to code. A guest blog post by Xenia Muether, Founder & CEO at Pink Orange, a digital consultancy that empowers education companies through data and strategy.

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4 Best Tips to Improve Student Retention in Higher Education

We are living in unprecedented and uncertain times, with many challenges making their way towards us. One of the most affected sectors is education, where schools and colleges were pushed hard to innovate and become tech-savvy in a matter of days.