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Online admissions software - cloud vs in-house solutions

So you’ve decided to digitise the admissions process and now it’s time to consider your options. Do you utilise the expertise of the in-house IT team and build your own admissions software, or do you invest in an online cloud-based system? In this article, we explore the benefits of both, and explain why in the majority of cases, SaaS cloud-based system is best.


A CRM for higher ed: three reasons to buy and not build

As higher education becomes increasingly competitive and globalised, the quality of the student experience is becoming more and more important. To stay competitive, universities need to create the most value at every stage of the student lifecycle – otherwise, they’ll lose prospects to institutions which better cater to students' requirements.


Software for higher education: in-house development vs SaaS

To provide students with the best higher education experience possible, universities across the world are turning to software to manage and optimise their marketing and recruitment processes. In our new ebook, we outline three key questions universities need to answer when deciding whether to build software in-house or opt for an off-the-shelf, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution.

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