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How Are Universities Leveraging Big Data and Analytics in the Admissions Process?

Big data influences so many aspects of our personal lives and is intrinsic to business decision making. From the ads we see on social media and the shows Netflix recommends to how our healthcare systems operate, big data reaches far and wide.

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Switching from PDF Applications to an Online Admissions System

A recent survey we conducted with postgraduate applicants found that around 68 per cent don’t seek advice or guidance with an institution's admissions team before starting an application. With this in mind, it’s vitally important that universities treat their application portal as a marketing tool and make the process as self-explanatory and streamlined as possible to maximise conversions. Yet a number of education providers still aren’t leveraging online admissions systems and rely on outdated PDF application forms and programmes such as Excel to manage the process. 


Focusing on Vocational Skills to Increase Candidate & Student Retention Rates

With increased competition and uncertainty across the global higher education market, what can universities do to attract and retain students? Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer – but focusing on vocational skills may prove beneficial. 

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How can universities mitigate the impact of COVID-19 to obtain international diversity in admissions?

International candidates are valuable assets to any institution, encouraging diversity and making the learning experience richer for all. Students from overseas are also a critical source of funding for universities and have a significant impact on the wider economy. 

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COVID-19’s Long-Term Impacts on Education in 2020 and Beyond

As universities respond to the COVID-19 outbreak by closing campuses and shifting to online forms of distance learning, many institutions and educators are scrambling to develop online engagement plans. In this repost, Michael B.Horn  (Chief Strategy Officer at Entangled Ventures) reflects on the changes provoked by the current sanitary crisis in a supported effort to predict future trends.


Why is diversity so important in the admissions process?

Diversity is high on the agenda for institutions around the world right now, and for good reason. As well as making people better communicators and providing all students with a richer university experience, learning environments that promote diversity of thought are more conducive to creativity and innovation.


The interesting MBA models reshaping executive education: An insight into Quantic School of Business and Technology

Market research firm, Global Industry Analysts, rightly predicted that the online learning market would reach $107 billion in 2015. More recently, Research and Markets forecasts indicate that it will almost triple to $325 billion by 2025. 


How do personalised communications enhance the application experience?

Personalisation is a much talked about topic in the student admissions sphere, with many universities taking a keen interest in how they can leverage the data they have to increase enrolment rates through personalised communications.


6 strategies for international enrolment growth

In a hyper-competitive market attracting international students is vital--but it’s not always easy. In a bid to help we’ve pulled together some key strategies for international enrolment growth, alongside some working examples from universities who are acing it today.

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