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How to Build a Higher Ed Admissions Team of the Future

The focus of a modern higher ed admissions team—recruit and enroll students—hasn’t fundamentally changed much over the years. However, the strategies to recruit and enroll have evolved, and admissions’ role in generating revenue is taking center stage.


The Quickstart Guide to Modernizing Your Higher Ed SaaS Platform

Admissions departments at colleges and universities have been facing technology challenges for years, before the COVID-19 pandemic changed the higher education landscape. The stakes are even higher now, as fewer U.S. undergraduates are enrolling in school and the world is still dealing with the pandemic. In these uncertain times, schools can’t afford to lose out on students simply because they aren’t communicating well with applicants or are struggling with internal processes. Opportunity still exists—the same report found that grad school enrollment jumped 4.6 percent. Modernizing your admissions and enrollment platform to an all-in-one software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution can help you realize these opportunities. Here’s how.


6 Digital Marketing Strategies In Higher Education

At the top of the list of challenges facing higher education in 2019 is Brexit. Universities are uncertain of the status of their continued participation in exchange programs like ERASMUS and are research funding is also likely to be affect – universities received £500 million every year in EU research funding from 2007 to 2013. 


Increase Applicants by Upgrading Your Application Portal

Online shopping has become an easy, engaging mobile web experience. Why shouldn’t applying to a university be the same?

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7 Lead Generation Strategies for Higher Education Institutions

Today’s higher education applicants expect a streamlined, personalised experience from their very first interaction with your institution. Catch-all advertising campaigns and generic application processes just don’t cut it anymore.

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International Student Recruitment: Here's What Works in 2021

Owing to widespread internet connectivity and increased global mobility, studying abroad has never been easier. Even during the Covid pandemic, countries such as the UK managed to enrol a record number of international students.

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Student Relationship Management: Here's All You Need To Know

Student Relationship Management systems provide universities and other education providers with the tools they need to engage with students across the learning lifecycle, track attainment and progress and create detailed reports and projections.

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What to Consider When Transitioning to an Online Admissions System

With changing demographics comes a required shift in the way universities handle admissions systems. No longer are the legacy and PDF-handled admissions processes capable of meeting the needs of the up-and-coming generation of college students. These processes must be streamlined through mobile-friendly, cloud-based admissions systems.

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Reimagining higher education in the United States

  As education leaders consider their options in the age of the COVID-19 crisis, they must rethink the conventional wisdom.As education leaders consider their options in the age of the COVID-19 crisis, they must rethink the conventional wisdom.