The Perfect E-Learner

In the time of the pandemic and being furloughed, it seemed the perfect time to consider enhancing your CV, gain further professional skills and increase employability, career progression and development. An influx of learners signed up to eLearning qualifications.

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Qualification which can be completed 100% online, with no attendance necessary.Signing up for these qualifications requires you to check your eligibility, choose the course of your preference and enrol.

Upon enrolment you gain access to all the learning resources and assignment requirements. With the majority of assessments being written assignments only, learners were able to work through the requirements of the qualification at their own time and pace and complete the written assignments, upload them to the portal and gain their qualification.

It really is as simple as this. Learners completed the qualifications in record times as they had more time to invest in their studies due to being furloughed.

The benefit of 100% online qualifications is that there is no minimum time to complete the qualification. Other modes of delivery would expect you to bide by their time to complete, 1 year, 2 years… not with online qualifications. You take control of when you complete and this suited an influx of those determined to take this unique opportunity to deliver their skills and gain a qualification

It’s also more convenient for businesses to opt for online learning to enhance the skills and knowledge of their team. Businesses invest financially and in return their employees commit to spending their own time to invest in their skills acquisition. It’s a win/win for both parties. The employee doesn’t need to invest financially, and the business doesn’t need to give up any working hours for study. Developing the employees skills means you get greater productivity, more motivation as you reward and incentivise your employees and the bottom line is you will meet your business aims with more rigour when you have a trained, able and competent workforce.

Some learners invest in their own professional development. Online qualifications can offer monthly instalments to make it easier. Learners work through the qualification requirement and are able to demonstrate their new skills through their CV, practice in the workplace and increase productivity.

So why is there so much bad publicity of online qualifications? Well, you’ve got to be committed to complete the online qualification.

‘’It’s as simple as this. It’s a little bit like buying a treadmill! You have to use it to increase your fitness! The same principle applies to online qualifications, you have to commit to gain the certificate. There is no shortcut!’’

Signing up for the course is just the first stage. You need these 3 key skills…

So what makes the perfect eLearning?

Self Determination

I’d say the most important is self-motivation. You need to be proactive, ask for support as and when you need it without procrastinating. Your mentor is on the other side of the phone or ready to email the support to you as long as they know what you need.

Be Goal Oriented

Why did you sign up for the course? Put a time plan together and commit to it. Unlike classroom training, you don’t need to attend any classes or training with online qualifications and therefore you need to be mindful that there isn’t going to be a lot of emails and phone calls to remind you to submit your work. You may receive flexible submission dates for each of your modules, however , usually, you have a maximum of two years to complete your qualification and all eLearning resources are usually available until then. So if you enrol on an online qualification – you need to be ready to commit, be ready to plan your time and encourage yourself to be proactive and request support when you need it. Be sure to enrol in a qualification that will give you the skills, not the one that you would like to have. There needs to be a clear requirement for the skills, be it knowledge acquisition or demonstration to others that you have the competencies to do the job. This will give you more motivation to complete the qualification


Is another key feature of being the perfect learner. It’s easy to be distracted and consider other projects or tasks to spend your time on, but this goes back to the previous point where you need to be self-determined. You need to be assertive enough to not let other tasks get in the way and commit to your planned time. If you have a colleague or manager, you could ask them to monitor this and add this to their performance reviews to ensure the time is dedicated to their online qualification.

Yes, there are other variables that will give influence completing the qualification. However, the above are the 3 which you empirically need. As the world turns technology to keep moving, we need to embrace it, change our ways and demonstrate clear skills to succeed.








Carol Bains

Carol Bains works at Harpar Qualifications She was one of the first to provide 100% online qualifications in the Yorkshire area, gaining approval for this form of delivery and influencing the Awarding Bodies to accept e-learning as an appropriate mode. She is also an advocate of continual professional development and as such continues her own development by making sure she is a role model to her students. She is a psychologist, executive coach, awarded Chartered Manager status through the Chartered Manager Institute, NLP Practitioner and currently in her 3rd year of her Doctorate.