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8 Effective Tactics for Higher Education Marketers

Marketing in the higher education niche can feel like you're dealing with a whole different monster altogether.

Whether you're a PPC - Pay per Click - expert or your first time creating ad campaigns for this industry, it's crucial to have a robust PPC campaign.

On that note, you might want to consider applying these PPC campaign techniques:

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Build an excellent account structure

When you're managing online ad campaigns, you have to make sure that your account structure is sturdy.

How you structure your account is different from one marketer to the next. It all depends on your goals, what you're marketing, and which structure is most efficient to you.

For example, some people structure it by categorizing targeted locations. Others will have an account structure based on the products' and services' general category.

When you're creating an account structure, make sure you know which ones deserve a whole campaign and which one is in a group instead.

Write an excellent ad copy

Many marketers know the value of excellent ad copies.

If you're responsible for the ad copy, it is imperative to do your research. This includes considering your PPC campaign's goals. After all, there are different "trigger words" you can use when you want to drive student inquiries than accepting enrollees.

Another thing to note is to test your copy. A/B testing is a standard test for ad copy so that you can determine which messaging works better.

When you're writing your ad copy, you want it to be succinct, but you also want it to have as many crucial details as possible. If you're doing an ad campaign on Google, use all the ad extensions on the ad that you can.

Produce a custom landing page

When you're running a PPC campaign, your goal shouldn't end when a student lands on your school website.

You want them to stay and learn more about your school. You would also want to encourage them to take action, like call the registrar for inquiries.

Hence, you need to produce a custom landing page. This includes having a compelling copy for your existing and prospective students.

If you have international students, you should make sure that you offer your landing page content in various languages. That way, they will understand what's on your site, and you won't drive them away.

Keep your contact forms short

Your prospective students are going to have questions about your curriculum. Thus, it would be a good idea to include a contact form somewhere on your website.

Make sure that your contact form is straightforward and to the point. You don't want it to be too long, either.

Stick to information that prospective students won't be hesitant to give you. For example, their name and email should be good enough for you and the message they want to tell you.

Once they're further down the sales pipeline, you can ask more in-depth questions to your prospects then.

Leverage negative keywords

PPC campaigns cost you by the click. Therefore, you want your PPC ads to get as many qualified leads as you can.

When we say qualified leads, these are website visitors who are likely to enroll in your school.

Besides encouraging prospective students to click on your ads, you should also weed out those who don't need your service. This case is where negative keywords come in.

Negative keywords indicate which keywords you don't want to appear in so that you manage to narrow down those that click through your ads. It can also prevent confusion for keywords that have multiple meanings.

For example, business management programs can either be an educational program or software. Negative keywords can help mitigate this issue for you.

Optimize for mobile devices

Nowadays, many people are using their mobile phones to connect to the Internet. Therefore, it would be a mistake to optimize your ad campaign and your website to desktop users alone.

You have to make sure that you also optimize your website and ads for mobile device users.

You want your site and your ads to appear in the best possible light to your prospects so that they'll want to join your program.

Check your metrics. If you find that many of your leads are using their mobile devices when visiting your website, consider bidding for mobile ads as well.

Create a remarketing campaign

Sometimes, your prospects forget to follow up on your offer. They may also need convincing to enroll in your school.

In this case, you will need a remarketing campaign to help hook back in the prospects that visited your site but didn't do anything.

With a remarketing campaign, the prospect will then receive ads about your offer. However, these ads are curated to help address those prospects' more specific needs.

When creating this type of campaign, make sure that you adjust the messaging. Address issues that they might be wondering about in the first place, even if they didn't ask you that question.

Please do your research so that you can create a compelling copy for your remarketing campaign that will re-hook them and make them take action.

Track and optimize your PPC campaign

The only way you can better your PPC campaign is by tracking your results.

You have to think about which key performance indicators or KPIs matter the most to you. Not every analytic is valuable to you and your goals. Therefore, you have to be aware of the valuable ones.

Once you can track your PPC campaigns, you should then start optimizing it based on your results.

Of course, to get better results, you have to keep the PPC campaign running for a while. That way, you're working with a lot of data.

Final Thoughts

Marketing is a tricky thing since it changes depending on the target market of your campaigns. However, when you know your target audience, you'll be better able to create a campaign that works for them.

Pair that knowledge of the target audience with the PPC campaign tactics above, and you have a solid foundation with you.

If you're about to run a PPC campaign as a higher education marketer, try out these eight tactics and see how well they worked for you.



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