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Student recruitment events are perhaps the most important dates in an admissions department’s calendar; they enable universities to showcase their facilities, campus culture and academic achievements, and are the perfect platform for communicating what makes an institution special.

Planning a student recruitment event is no easy feat: it requires high levels of organisation and excellent time management skills.

That’s where our event checklist comes in.

Leadflow - Event Management Checklist

What does the checklist cover?

FULL FABRIC’s event management checklist is a comprehensive resource that covers all stages of planning for admissions events. It is an invaluable tool for admissions departments across the globe and can be used and re-purposed again and again.


The main body of the checklist outlines key tasks to be completed prior to an event in chronological order, and offers advice on timescales. It begins by helping you set KPIs and event goals 4-6 months before the event, and tracks them through all stages of the planning process:

Event day

Anyone who has organised a student recruitment event will know that the planning cycle doesn’t stop at the day of the event. Our checklist ensures you have taken into consideration everything you will need at the event, from guest lists to parking permits.


To maintain a relationship with attendees and increase the chances of them applying to your institution, it’s very important to follow-up after an event. Our checklist provides advice for what the next steps should be following an event to optimise engagement.

Where can you find it?


You can download the full event management checklist for student admissions events here.

Download my Event Management Checklist


Kate Tattersfield

Kate Tattersfield is a former teacher turned content creator at FULL FABRIC, specialising in writing for the education sector.

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