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I am the Head of Solutions at FULL FABRIC. I am passionate about education and technology.

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Two things your university can do to engage accepted students

There's usually a long period of time from the moment an applicant is admitted to their actual arrival on campus. During this period, a candidate can get anxious and start to rethink their decision.


How to create a holistic admission review process

Choosing the right students plays a critical part in the success of your university. Every admissions representative I’ve met has the same goal: to select a diverse group of individuals who have the ability to succeed in their studies, make a significant contribution to their class, put in the hard work required to achieve their desired career and ultimately become a successful and engaged alumna or alumnus.


Best practices for higher ed reference requests

References provide a chance to verify the information a candidate provides on the application form and in an interview. They’re your university’s best opportunity to obtain impartial and externally verified information about a candidates’ academic history and professional experience.


FULL FABRIC at Web Summit 2016: my experience

Earlier this month, Web Summit came to my home city, Lisbon. The sixth instalment of Europe's biggest tech event of its kind was the first to be held outside of Dublin. As he explained in the Irish Times, co-founder Paddy Cosgrove chose the Portuguese capital “because of the strong infrastructure in the city, the world-class venue and the thriving startup community.”


Five ways a modern CRM can help your university

CRM – or customer relationship management – is a software that helps individuals and teams manage customer communication. But a CRM isn't simply an address book: it takes your data and transforms it into an interactive experience. It creates the opportunity for you and your team to build relationships more effectively, and ultimately provide the best customer experience for your prospects, from their initial enquiry to graduation and beyond.

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