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Rob managed FULL FABRIC's digital communications between September 2015 and September 2017.

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How universities can improve student retention rates

There's a lot of talk around improving student admissions rates, but issues around student retention are just as important. The university dropout rate for UK domestic students has increased for the first time in four years.

My job in higher ed

My job in higher ed: Wolfgang Weicht, Digital and Innovation Officer at Frankfurt School

Wolfgang explains how he leads digital transformation at Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and tells us how he learnt project management from being a chef.


Five great university admissions videos to inspire you

Video is a great way to sell your university in a lively and animated fashion. Admissions videos let you give prospects an idea of what it’s like to study at your university; highlight the USPs of the campus and the surrounding area; and provide first-hand insights from existing students, alumni and staff. There’s lots of different approaches you can take to making an admissions video. Here’s five innovative examples that may provide some inspiration.

My job in higher ed

My job in higher ed: Bibiana Camba, EADA

Bibiana is Admissions Director of International Degree Programmes at EADA, a business school headquartered in Barcelona. She tells us how technology is changing the way executive education is taught and what education means to her.

My job in higher ed

My job in higher ed: Wendy Purcell, Professor at Harvard University

Wendy is Professor at Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health and formerly served as President and Vice-Chancellor of Plymouth University. She tells us about her research, what education means to her and the role artificial intelligence and virtual reality can play in learning.


The edtech evolution

Our Head of Solutions Tania and I contributed to a University Business article which looks at the impact edtech is having in higher education and how these technologies may develop in the future. Here’s an extract which includes our views on current edtech use and predictions of upcoming trends.


How universities can use edtech to meet the digital expectations of students

Recent research shows that universities in both the UK and US are failing to meet the expectations of their increasingly digitally focused students. These students use advanced tech to perform all kinds of everyday tasks but find their university's educational apps and study tools to be far less advanced and often a hindrance to their study experience.

My job in higher ed

My job in higher ed: Jean-Philippe Primout and Linda Rimal Ponte, CIEE

Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) is a non-for-profit which offers study abroad programmes in over 40 countries. Jean-Philippe Primout and Linda Rimal Ponte are responsible for student life and operations at CIEE in Paris. They explain their roles and tell us about the value of international study.


How to use edtech to boost good mental health

As the number of young people treated for mental health conditions steadily rises, a growing number of edtech developers have responded with apps which allow young people to learn about mental wellbeing.