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I am a Business Development Executive at FULL FABRIC. I love travelling, good food and the outdoors.

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Four ways to fine-tune the higher ed application process

For a student entering higher education, a university's application process is a taste of what it could be like studying at that institution. As higher education grows ever competitive, the quality and ease of your university’s application process can be a huge differentiating factor in a student’s decision.


The MBA admissions experience: an applicant’s story

In a previous blog post, three ways to manage stress as an MBA student, I told my story of the triggers which propelled me to go out and do an MBA. Having grown up, studied and worked in Brisbane, a large but low-populated city, at age 24 I found myself sinking into a professional and social comfort zone. I decided I needed a change of environment.


Three ways to manage stress as an MBA student

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” – Albert Einstein

Event management

How to make the most of a university careers fair

As a 2015 MBA alumnus working in the higher education industry, I’d take no hesitation in encouraging current students to attend career fairs and recruitment days. From my experience, these events see visiting companies set up a stall and engage with students through Q&As, talks and interviews, and offer merchandise. For students, these events present new opportunities, new relationships, access to first-hand knowledge, and an opportunity to represent their universities.

A world-class education experience

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