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I am a Business Development Executive at FULL FABRIC. I love travelling, good food and the outdoors.

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My job in higher ed

My Job in Higher Ed with Sophie Bailey, founder of the EdTech Podcast

In the latest instalment of My Job in Higher Ed, our conversation with Sophie Bailey, founder of the EdTech Podcast, delves into the significant role the podcast has in connecting education professionals, and how the fourth industrial revolution will affect the future of higher education. Sophie also explains how she believes Soft Skills or “21st Century Skills” coupled with continual learning will be a big focus for universities.


Stop importing and exporting data - it's reducing your productivity!

Since Ray Tomlinson created the email back in the ‘70s (1972 to be precise), dozens of other online communication tools have followed suit - many of which are used by universities to communicate with their students throughout the learning lifecycle today. But often, using several systems simultaneously can complicate matters and prove time-consuming.

My job in higher ed

My Job in Higher Ed with Gaute Rasmussen, Developer and VR specialist at University of Newcastle

In the latest instalment of My Job in Higher Ed, our conversation with Gaute Rasmussen delves into the significant role virtual reality has the potential to play in the future of higher education. Gaute also explains how learning styles should be seen as situational; sometimes VR is a more appropriate method than textbooks for teaching concepts - and vice-versa. With this in mind, Gaute is a firm believer in working alongside subject matter experts to augment the teaching experience.


Common mistakes Universities make when investing in technologies

Quality beats quantity when it comes to technologies at a university. When implementing technological software, it’s important to have at the forefront of the mind, who or what these technologies will be servicing. In most cases, technologies serve the demands of students, new applicants or administration staff.

Admissions, CRM

How to measure the ROI of tech in higher education

In most cases, the return-on-investment of a certain technology product a university uses is quantifiable. This is especially true for tech used in the student recruitment and admissions process.


Why the applicant experience should be your number one priority

For university recruitment and admissions teams, it’s hugely important to have a comprehensive CRM to optimise recruitment strategies. A forward-looking CRM can help convert more applicants into enrolled students, enhance communication, streamline administrative tasks and ultimately free up precious time.


The biggest investment a young professional can make

This month I released my first book, Soft Skills for Young Pros. I wrote this book with the intention to help young people bridge the gap between higher education and the real world.


Why has Finland introduced tuition fees for non-EU students?

Nordic universities have for a long time been renowned for their offer of free education and focus on the value of learning. However, the Nordic tradition of free tuition for non-EU students is fast becoming a thing of the past. Denmark introduced tuition fees for non-Europeans in 2006 and Sweden followed suit in 2011. Accordingly, enrolment of overseas students fell sharp shortly after fees were introduced.

Admissions, Event management

How to optimise your university's info sessions

Info sessions are an integral part of any university’s marketing strategy. They provide a way to inform prospects about your university and encourage them to progress through the recruitment process.

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