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Kate Tattersfield is a former teacher turned content creator at FULL FABRIC, specialising in writing for the education sector.

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Go-to marketing strategies to promote new higher education programmes and attract new students

University departments launch new programmes for a number of reasons; to keep up with the pace of change and innovation in their subject field, to replace a course that has lost its relevance or to make learning more flexible and accessible for students.


Why higher education needs to rethink traditional demographics and start marketing to tribes

Higher education marketers, we’re curious: how do you segment your audience? We’re assuming that location, field of study and lifecycle stage (i.e. candidate, student and alumni) play a big part. But perhaps you’re also one of the increasing number of marketers who, drawing on the wealth of data out there today, are layering attitudinal and behavioural insights on top of traditional demographic data create more nuanced audience personas.

My job in higher ed

My Job in Higher Ed with Jordi Diaz, Associate Dean at EADA Business School and Director of the EFMD Executive Academy

Jordi Diaz is Associate Dean of EADA Business School and Director of the Executive Academy, a reflective and empowering development programme for senior teaching and learning professionals. The Executive Academy is part of EFMD Global Professional Development and is an international initiative with cohorts in Europe, Asia and the Americas. During the programme, participants create a personal development plan and a capstone project for their institution. We recently caught up with Jordi to find out more about the course and his role as director.


5 higher education marketing approaches to attract Gen Z

It’s nearly 2020 - can you believe it? We don’t know about you, but the Millennium only feels like yesterday. And smartphones; when did they sneak in?! As we look forward to the next ten years of innovation, we thought an article focusing on the generation who will “come of age” in it would be an appropriate way to mark the occasion. 


Learnings from Web Summit 2019: AI, Gen Z and the Future of Education

Last week, we attended the highly anticipated Web Summit 2019 which took place in Lisbon. Web Summit is the largest annual tech event in the world, and was described by Forbes as “the best technology conference on the planet.” If you didn’t get chance to go, don’t worry - we’re sharing our top edtech takeaways with you in this blog post.


The interesting MBA models reshaping executive education: An insight into Smartly Institute

Market research firm, Global Industry Analysts, rightly predicted that the online learning market would reach $107 billion in 2015. More recently, Research and Markets forecasts indicate that it will almost triple to $325 billion by 2025. 


University advertising for domestic and international student recruitment

As the higher education sector diversifies and competition intensifies, universities are pulling out all the stops to pique the interest of potential students, and many are spending vast amounts on paid advertising campaigns as well as concentrating on organic marketing strategies.


The ways in which executive education is changing

Technology is disrupting businesses around the world, leaving no industry unturned. Naturally, digital disruption is making significant waves in the education industry too; in fact, as new technologies emerge and root themselves in the marketplace, schools and universities are figuring out ways to prepare students for a new type of workplace. And to stay relevant, they need to be at the forefront of change and innovation.


Key ingredients for a successful student recruitment campaign

Every year the higher education industry invests huge amounts of money and resources into marketing. An investigation by the The Guardian revealed that collectively, UK universities spend millions of pounds on marketing each year in a bid to stand out from the competition and attract candidates. One university’s marketing spend in 2017-18 totalled £3.4 million. 

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